'Droni', a personal drone for photographers, is released by Garuda Aerospace.

Cricket legend and drone ambassador Dhoni takes flight with Garuda's "Droni"! This foldable, 60-minute-flying personal drone boasts a 48MP camera for photography enthusiasts. Grab yours for Rs 85,000 (introductory offer) and redefine your aerial shots! #GarudaAerospace #Droni #Photography


2/16/20241 min read

Garuda Aerospace and cricket legend Mahendra Singh Dhoni have teamed up to introduce "Droni," a revolutionary personal drone for photographers. At an initial price of Rs 85,000 on Amazon, this foldable, lightweight marvel features a high-quality 48MP camera and a 60-minute flight time.

Droni is a tribute to Dhoni, the brand spokesperson, rather than just a drone. With a weight of only 249 grammes, this small device enables users to venture into uncharted creative territory in aerial photography and videography. Droni, the company's first entry into the personal drone industry, is envisioned by founder and CEO Agnishwar Jayaprakash as a revolutionary product.

With his stunning vistas and original action images, Droni hopes to revolutionise the way people take pictures from the air. Its lightweight and easy-to-use design make it ideal for creators who are constantly on the go, and its long flight duration gives them plenty of time to explore and take beautiful pictures.

With the initial price, Garuda Aerospace highlights cost in an effort to make Droni available to a larger spectrum of photography enthusiasts. It would be interesting to observe how users push the bounds of creativity and redefine the art of aerial photography as technology develops and Droni gets into more hands. Are you prepared to use Droni to elevate your photos to new heights?