Construction Survey high-tech solutions

The days of unsafe ladder ascents and imprecise ground surveys are long gone. CartoVeda provides thorough and accurate aerial surveys tailored especially for the construction sector by utilising state-of-the-art drone technology.
Map any location, any time: Whether it's extensive building developments or vast infrastructure projects, our drones record precise data about your whole workspace.
Acquire actionable insights: We convert unprocessed data into 3D models, digital elevation models, and AI-powered forecasts, enabling you to simplify project execution, improve workflows, and make well-informed decisions.
Easily track progress: Monitor construction progress safely and effectively without interfering with daily activities. Gather high-resolution aerial data to replace the need for ground-based actions.
Anticipate and avoid problems: Use thermal inspections to find possible faults early on, reducing downtime and guaranteeing economy.

Construction Intelligence from Ground to Sky

From planning to completion, CartoVeda empowers construction projects with aerial data insights.
  • Map the land: Precise topographical surveys with DTM, DEM, and DSM generation.

  • Understand the surroundings: Land use, encroachment analysis, vegetation mapping, and right-of-way profiling.

  • Inform town planning: Acquire data for informed urban development decisions.

  • Track progress seamlessly: Monitor progress, capture changes, and generate time-lapse videos.

  • Predict the future: Leverage AI-powered 3D modeling and surveillance for better decision-making.

  • Measure precisely: Accurately calculate volumes using advanced software.

  • Inspect thoroughly: Conduct thermal and visual inspections, ensuring safety and efficiency.

  • Optimize operations: Measure underground utility thickness for better maintenance.

  • Plan traffic and crowds: Design routes and anticipate crowd movement for smart city initiatives.

  • Respond quickly: Assist emergency responders with aerial data and integrated workflows.

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