Pipeline Power Survey

Get rid of dangerous climbs and slow ground patrols! CartoVeda uses a sophisticated drone fleet to take pipeline inspection to new heights. Forget about constrained imagery; we provide an all-inclusive aerial solution tailored to the oil and gas sector. Imagine this: large networks being painstakingly scanned, high-resolution data being collected over rough terrain. Our drones are more than just flyovers; they are thorough scanners that provide a comprehensive picture of the condition of your pipeline. Our perceptive technology is unaffected by cracks, erosion, exposed areas, and creeping vegetation. Yet data on its own is insufficient. We convert it into insights that can be put into practice, enabling wise choices. Prioritise essential maintenance, reduce risks by keeping staff out of harm's way, and save a lot of money in comparison to conventional techniques—all while limiting fines and environmental damages. We don't just provide data. You may increase pipeline uptime and optimise resource allocation with the help of thorough reports that include recommendations. Think of CartoVeda as your dependable partner, flying high to guarantee the security and integrity of your infrastructure, preserving the environment, and boosting your revenue.
  • Precise Route Selection: Conduct high-resolution aerial surveys to assess terrain, identify sensitive areas like wetlands, and plan optimal routes with minimal environmental impact.

  • Detailed Right-of-Way Mapping: Generate accurate orthomosaics and 3D models of the designated right-of-way, ensuring precise property boundaries and identifying potential obstacles like rock formations or water crossings.

  • Advanced Subsurface Mapping: Utilize innovative ground penetrating radar (GPR) integrated with drones to map underground utilities and potential hazards before excavation, minimizing risk and optimizing trenching strategies.

  • Environmentally Aware Planning: Conduct high-resolution aerial surveys to document wildlife habitats, wetlands, and other sensitive areas, facilitating environmentally responsible construction practices and regulatory compliance.

Streamline Your Pipeline Layout with Intelligent Drone Solutions

  • Proactive Leak Detection: Conduct thermal and visual inspections to pinpoint leaks quickly and efficiently, minimizing environmental impact, costly repairs, and operational downtime.

  • Comprehensive Integrity Assessments: Evaluate pipeline health with high-resolution inspections, identifying corrosion, cracks, and other potential issues before they become critical, ensuring proactive maintenance and preventing emergencies.

  • Automated Vegetation Management: Monitor vegetation growth along the pipeline right-of-way using regular aerial surveys, ensuring compliance with regulations and preventing interference with operations, maintaining smooth flow and efficiency.

  • Continuous Right-of-Way Monitoring: Conduct regular inspections to detect unauthorized access, encroachment, or potential threats to pipeline integrity, guaranteeing security and minimizing risks.

  • Seamless Progress Monitoring: Track trench excavation, pipe installation, and welding progress efficiently with time-lapse video and orthomosaics, ensuring seamless project management and adherence to specifications.

  • Optimized Material Management: Monitor stockpiles and track material movement effectively using drone inventory surveys, optimizing logistics, reducing waste, and ensuring just-in-time delivery.

  • Enhanced Quality Control: Conduct high-resolution close-up inspections of welds, coatings, and other infrastructure using drones, identifying potential issues early and minimizing rework, saving time and costs.

  • Prioritized Safety: Prioritize worker safety by remotely inspecting trenches, welding sites, and other potentially hazardous areas with drones, reducing risk and protecting your workforce.

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