Railway Survey

Using state-of-the-art drone technology and skilled engineering, CartoVeda plans your train adventure from the drawing board to the finish line. To create a strong basis for success, we carefully draft detailed project reports (DPRs) and carry out final location surveys. As our aircraft fleet takes off, high-resolution data is collected for accurate 3D models and optimised route planning. Make educated decisions by accurately labelling and mapping important assets with comprehensive tagging and GIS mapping. Utilising cutting-edge GPR and LiDAR surveys, uncover concealed utilities and topographical features that will inform construction plans. Indulge in track integrity through in-depth videography and study of encroachment. Lastly, maximise efficiency by precisely charting stations, depots, sheds, and yards. CartoVeda is not just a mapping tool. We are experts at monitoring and inspecting things. We can monitor projects from a distance, carry out accurate soil studies, and do close inspections of infrastructure and bridges to spot possible problems before they become serious. We partner with you throughout the course of your project, turning aerial observations into useful reports and recommendations. We do more than just gather data. Select CartoVeda to witness the revolutionary potential of airborne intelligence, driving your railway projects ahead with accuracy, efficacy, and security.
Pre-Construction Precision:
  • Scouting with Insight: High-resolution aerial surveys meticulously map landscapes, pinpointing optimal route alignments, minimizing environmental impact, and identifying potential obstacles like waterways or unstable geology.

  • Detailed Site Blueprints: Generate accurate 3D models and orthomosaics of the entire project area, revealing precise land boundaries, existing infrastructure, and potential challenges like underground utilities or historical sites.

  • Subsurface Intelligence: Integrate innovative ground penetrating radar (GPR) with drones to map underground utilities and potential hazards before excavation, optimizing construction plans and minimizing risks.

Navigating Your Railway Journey with Precision

Seamless Construction Management:
  • Real-Time Progress Oversight: Track every stage of construction, from foundation work to track laying, with time-lapse videos and detailed orthomosaics, ensuring adherence to plans and identifying potential delays early.

  • Efficient Material Orchestration: Track material deliveries and monitor stockpiles in real-time using drone inventory surveys, optimizing logistics, reducing waste, and ensuring just-in-time availability.

  • Enhanced Quality Assurance: Conduct high-resolution close-up inspections of welds, joints, and other critical elements using drones, identifying potential issues quickly and minimizing rework for improved efficiency and cost savings.

  • Prioritized Worker Safety: Eliminate the need for risky climbing or accessing remote areas by remotely inspecting complex structures and infrastructure with drones, prioritizing worker safety and reducing workplace hazards.

Post-Construction Peace of Mind:
  • Proactive Maintenance Assurance: Conduct regular drone inspections to identify potential track issues, wear and tear, or damage even in hard-to-reach areas, ensuring timely repairs and preventative maintenance for extended track lifespan.

  • Automated Vegetation Management: Monitor vegetation growth around tracks and access roads using aerial surveys, ensuring compliance with regulations and preventing potential interference with operations and safety.

  • Enhanced Infrastructure Vigilance: Conduct regular drone inspections of track components, bridges, tunnels, and surrounding areas to detect potential hazards, unauthorized access, or damage, ensuring infrastructure integrity and security.

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