River Survey

Give up on pricey planes and restricted data access. Modern drones from CartoVeda uncover hidden insights in large-scale landscapes, complicated waterways, and complex sites. Imagine being able to easily obtain comprehensive information about resources, water quality, and land use. Our knowledgeable staff turns unprocessed data into useful insights that direct sustainable management and well-informed choices. Imagine being able to identify the sources of water pollution, improve farming methods, or produce precise 3D models with unmatched efficiency. Select CartoVeda to experience the future of data collecting with a partner committed to environmental responsibility and clever solutions, and soar beyond boundaries.
  • Precise Topographical Surveys: Accurately map your entire irrigation command area, including canals, reservoirs, and land use, for informed planning and development.

  • Detailed Canal Analysis: Analyze canal water spread, identify leakage points, and assess erosion risks with high-resolution imagery and LiDAR data.

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Gain actionable insights into crop types, productivity potential, and water requirements to optimize crop selection and resource allocation.

  • Seamless Monitoring: Conduct swift and comprehensive aerial inspections of canals, infrastructure, and crops, identifying damage and potential issues early on.

  • Unprecedented Accuracy: Create 3D models of your canals and command area for precise measurement, visualization, and planning.

  • Sustainable Practices: Implement effective drainage solutions, conduct erosion assessments, and monitor crop health to ensure the long-term sustainability of your irrigation system.

Beyond Data Collection:
  • Expert Analysis: Our team of skilled professionals transforms raw data into actionable insights, guiding effective irrigation management and resource optimization.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Leverage our fleet of advanced drones equipped with specialized sensors for unparalleled data acquisition and analysis.

  • Customizable Solutions: We tailor our services to your specific needs and challenges, delivering the data you need at a cost-effective price.

Unlocking Irrigation Insights, One Intelligent Flight at a Time

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