Wind Power Survey

With the cutting-edge drone solutions from CartoVeda, realise the full potential of your wind farm. With our careful mapping of your terrain, we help you put your turbines where they will capture the most wind and cause the least amount of turbulence, using 3D modelling and micro-siting surveys. Our quick inspections reduce downtime by using high-resolution drone imagery to identify internal turbine problems like overheating and blade corrosion before they become more serious. Time and resources are saved by using automated data collecting, which further streamlines the procedure. Furthermore, we guarantee complete peace of mind by doing topographical surveys for well-informed infrastructure design and maintenance, monitoring vegetation growth, and checking high-voltage wires. CartoVeda is your reliable partner, enabling you to maximise your turbines' performance and harness the wind to propel you towards cleaner, more efficient energy.
  • Micro-Siting Surveys: Identify ideal windmill locations with precise wind resource assessments, considering terrain, microclimates, and potential obstacles. Generate high-resolution orthomosaics and Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) to visualize optimal placement for maximum wind capture and minimized turbulence.

  • Vegetation Mapping: Create detailed vegetation maps to assess potential interference with wind flow and inform clearing requirements. Identify and measure individual trees or windbreaks using 3D point clouds.

  • Infrastructure Mapping: Capture the existing layout of access roads, power lines, and other infrastructure with drone-based orthomosaics and 3D models. Use these for planning construction activities and identifying potential conflicts.

  • Environmental Impact Assessments: Conduct high-resolution aerial surveys to document wildlife habitats, wetlands, and other sensitive areas, informing environmentally responsible construction practices.

Optimizing Windmill Farms with Intelligent Drone Surveys

  • Progress Monitoring: Track construction progress efficiently with time-lapse videos and orthomosaics. Monitor tower erection, turbine assembly, and infrastructure development with regular drone surveys.

  • Quality Control: Inspect turbine components and construction quality using high-resolution close-up images and videos. Identify potential issues early on to minimize rework and delays.

  • Volume Measurements: Accurately calculate the volume of excavated soil, poured concrete, or other materials for precise cost estimation and progress tracking using automated 3D volumetric calculations.

  • Safety Inspections: Conduct safe and efficient inspections of towers, blades, and other structures using drones, eliminating the need for risky climbing.

  • Blade Inspections: Pinpoint blade cracks, delamination, and other damage quickly and safely with high-resolution thermal and visual inspections. Identify potential issues before they impact energy production.

  • Infrastructure Inspection: Inspect power lines, access roads, and other infrastructure for potential damage or wear using drone-based visuals and thermal imaging.

  • Vegetation Management: Monitor vegetation growth around turbines and access roads using aerial surveys, ensuring safety and compliance with regulations.

  • Topographical Surveys: Capture updated high-resolution DEMs for post-construction analysis and future maintenance planning.

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